Welcome on my virtual home

This new version is the result of the merge of all my websites Kirys Tech 2000, kirys.it, kirys.no-ip.org. Here you will find all my software (previously hosted at www.kt2k.com) that I release as freeware and some other usefull resources.

I also manintain two "tech oriented" blogs one in english and the other in italian.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all

Migration of the content still in progress

Most of the content has been migrated, and reorganized.During the process I've lost all the tags of the old posts, but this is a minor issue for me cause this site needs new content ;)

Now i need to decide the best way to use Drupal for my projects

Cya K.

Migration to drupal in progress

Joomla 1.5 is in end of life, so I had to migrate to a new product.
Joomla is really nice but I've found myself to like Drupal much more so I've started the migration.
It'll take some time to complete.